900 / Day

M Series


With a proven track record of over 25 years, the triple spur gear Indef M CPB is a tough, robust machine to help with medium-duty application work. Its rugged British design is made to last.

Made for maximum durability, it offers a load-bearing capacity ranging between 1T to 20T. 

  • Available with a capacity up to 20T and a lift up to 40 meters
  • CE and ISI Certified
  • Tested for 50% overload
  • Rugged British design proven over 25 years
  • Grade 80 load chain and zinc plated hand chain
  • Anti-corrosion powder coating on the unique cover design
  • Needle bearing supported load wheel
  • Precision machine case hardened alloy steel gears
  • Fully pocketed, Spheroidal Graphite cast load chain wheel
  • Self-sustaining, maintenance free friction brake
  • Anti-corrosion power coated zinc plated parts
  • Lower chain pulling effort and better velocity ratio
Capacity Range 1 Ton to 20 Ton
Falls 1 Fall to 8 Falls
Mountings Fix suspension/Hook suspension/Trolley suspension

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