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EH II (Baby)


The EH II hoist, also known as a Baby hoist, is a plug and play chain hoist that fits well for light and medium-duty applications. Its tough German design is built to resist heavy duty, work moderate operation time and requires minimum maintenance, proven over 50 years.

The durable hoist provides a capacity range of 0.5T to 2T and a maximum height of lift of up to 40 meters.

  • Tested for SWL 25% overload condition
  • Rugged German design proven over 50 years
  • Aluminium alloy motor stator packet allows better heat dissipation
  • Double ball bearing supported load chain whee
  • Precision machine case hardened steel alloy gears
  • Fully pocketed, Spheroidal Graphite cast and alloy steel load chain wheel
  • Unique chain guide to guard chain passage
  • Chain stripper to safeguard chain travel path
  • Micro limit switches for additional safety braking
  • Hazardous application variant available
  • Alloy steel hardened hoist gearbox and lubricated with grease for low noise
  • Standard ergonomic pendent with emergency stop
Capacity Range 1 Ton to 2 Ton
Lifts 3 Meter to 20 Meter
Mountings Hook suspension/Trolley suspension
Falls 2 Fall to 4 Fall

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