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SMD Series


The Steel Mill Duty Hoist or SMD is a high-speed product that offers high, true vertical lift and is great for heavy-duty applications. These are highly customizable and offer an SWL up to 90T with a height of lift up to 175m. These products can also help you increase the production capacity of your factory via their optimized design and overall dimensions.

  • SWL ranges from 5T to 90T and offers a height of lift up to 175m.
  • Heavy-duty construction coupled with a robust, modular design.
  • LH/RH (4/2 falls) grooves on the drum.
  • Twin drum option available.
  • High speed and high lift options available.
  • Optional VFD, radio remotes and shoe brake PLC control.
  • Can be designed for applications in hazardous areas.
Capacity Range 5 Ton to 60 Ton
Lifts 20 Meter to 150 Meter
Mountings Fixed suspension/Trolley suspension
Types Standard short headroom/Twin hook double drum

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