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Gantry Crane


A hybrid of the EOT and Gantry crane, the Semi Gantry is used in scenarios where one end of the crane has support in the shed and the other end needs self-support through its own legs.

Our Semi Gantry cranes range from 1T to 70T capacity with a height of lift up to 12 meters and span up to 35 meters. We offer both single girder and double girder as per customer requirements.

  • SWL Range varies from 1T to 70T with a lift height of up to 10 meters.
  • Available with differing speeds for travel and hoist motion.
  • End carriages are equipped with a jacking pad, sweeper plate and derailment guard as standard features to maximise safety.
  • Overhanging girder can be customised into the crane.
  • Fully covered canopy for crab/trolley and panels is provided for outdoor application.
  • Geared brake motor directly coupled to the wheel.
  • Operator cabin can be added as per requirement.
  • Hoist brakes can be offered with thrusters or DC drum brakes for the double girder semi gantry crane.
  • Optional Features include –
  • Rotary Limit Switch and Gravity Limit Switch
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Load Limiter with Load Display
  • Rail clamping arrangement
SWL Up to 70 Ton
Span Up to 30 Meter
Long Travel (LT) Speed Up to 20 M/Min
Cross Travel (CT) Speed Up to 20 M/Min
Hoisting Speed Up to 8 M/Min
Hoisting/Travel Speed Dual speed offered as standard VFD (Optional)

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