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Single Girder EOT Crane


The Single Girder EOT crane comprises a single cross beam that houses the hoist on a trolley on the bottom flange. This crane is predominantly used for standard duty work where the load size is nominal. It is recommended for M5/Fem 2M duty.

Our product ranges up to 10T with a span of up to 30 meters. The optimized modular design is compliant with International FEM, ISO, and IS standards with a circular variant also available.

A complete SGEOT crane consists of 1 Girder, 2 End Carriage Assemblies, 1 Hoist with Trolley, and 1 Electrical Panel with Field Cables.

  • SWL Range varies from 1T to 10T with a lift height of 24 meters.
  • Low headroom or raised up crane as per the shed size.
  • Available with differing speeds for travel and hoist motion.
  • The welded box girder is designed for maximum rigidity and optimal deadweight.
  • Effortlessly moving pendant on the independent C-Rail track.
  • End carriages are equipped with a jacking pad, sweeper plate and derailment guard as standard features to maximise safety.
  • Spherical roller bearings used as travel wheels.
SWL Up to 12.5 Ton
Span Up to 30 Meter
Long Travel (LT) Speed Up to 40 M/Min
Cross Travel (CT) Speed Up to 20 M/Min
Hoisting Speed Up to 8 M/Min
Hoisting/Travel Speed Dual speed offered as standard VFD (Optional)

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